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My promise

In order to ensure the high quality that you expect from me I work in defined steps. Please take some time and make sure that you understand what I will do for you to increase the value of your home. I can do as much as you want me to.

We will meet in your home and will look at it together in detail. This will help us get to know each other better so that I can learn more about you, your preferences and your way of living. While going through your home I will take notes and digital photos that I will use for our staging. Afterwards I will ask you to let me go through your home alone. I need this time to check my notes, take more specific notes and photos that will be included in my report.

After leaving you I will go back to my office to write an exclusive and detailed report that I will present to you at our next meeting. This report includes detailed and short descriptions as well as photos of what needs to be done to change each room in your house step by step. Barb Schwarz who invented Home Staging would tell you: „The way you live in your home and the way we market and sell your house are two different things! As you are already decided to sell your house and pack up your personal belongings we will just start packing a bit earlier. This will even make moving easier for you. I will show you what to do for each room in your home, what needs to be packed away or put into storage. I will also lend you one of Barb's DVDs. She will show you how staging works. Staging is fun, easy and it works.

Now it is up to you to decide if you want to take advantage of my complete staging offer. Should you decide that you want me to come in and help you stage your home we will decide  at which date you will give me and my team free access to your home. I will ask you to leave your house for the duration of the staging. This is to ensure a fast and smooth staging. Please trust us that we will honor your belongings and treat them with all due respect. As soon as we are done or at the latest at the time we told you to come back we will be looking forward to taking you through your staged property.

The other option is that you decide to stage your property by yourself with the help of my report. In this case I will be coming back as soon as you tell me that you are done. We will check each room in detail and I will make some changes if necessary.

I will also leave a short to-do-list or check-list with you. This will enable you to keep your property staged throughout the duration of the showings. On top of that I will come by regularly to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that no further adjustments are necessary.

In case your realtor would like to have some of our digital photos I will send them to the realtor office. I will also offer to help compose a detailed presentation of your property. Home Staging® is fun, affordable and an extremely powerful marketing tool that will ensure that your property will be sold in a very short period at a top price. And I will help you to achieve these goals.


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